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In order to access the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s online financial disclosure filing site, please follow the instructions below. Should you have trouble logging in, please contact the HR Service Center at 866.377.2672.

Current Commonwealth Employees: If you are a current commonwealth employee required to file statements of financial interest, you can log in using your CWOPA (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) user name and password. Your CWOPA user name and password is the same user name and password you use to log into your work computer. However, you must manually type "cwopa\" prior to your user name. For example:

User name: cwopa\jdoe

If you do not have a CWOPA user name and password, please follow the instructions below for former commonwealth employees.

Former Commonwealth Employees: Former employees and current employees without CWOPA access who are required to file statements of financial interest must first create a PALogin account. You can create a PALogin account by selecting this link:  Create Account.  Once you have created a PALogin account, proceed with the filing website login using the user ID and password that you created. If you previously created a PALogin account and you forgot your PALogin user ID and/or password, you may retrieve it by selecting this link:  Forgot Password (non cwopa accounts only).

User name

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